Janet West

Name: janet west
Age: 58
Location: white plains, n.y.
Occupation: finder and seller of things


  • my iphone and marshall headphones
  • my house key worn thin because it was my grandfathers
  • gold coin with the lord’s prayer engraved upon it, not because i’m a believer, but
  • because someone was
  • brooch beautifully painted, of a homely woman, who was, i am certain, adored
  • rock shaped like a heart
  • cigarette smoking monkey
  • handkerchief stenciled by my mother
  • a tube of elwell’s liquid glue, stick’s like grim death
  • one book of my real photo post card collection
  • book drawn on by R.L.
  • collection of tiny glass vials filled with dirt and other things, some not filled yet
  • prison carved woman ( gift from my dad)
  • thread painting
  • folded painting

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