Merete T K


Name: Merete T K

Age: 27

Location: Bergen, Norway

Occupation: “in between jobs” / student /artist


  • My wedding ring (this will probably be on my finger anyways but…)
  • Passport
  • My dog (represented by this polaroid. She would`nt sit still long enough to be in the pic)
  • My cat (same with the cat)
  • My favorite polaroid from the wedding
  • My husband (busy playing videogames so a polaroid of him had to do…)
  • Our wedding album with all the polaroids from the wedding-night 
  • Polaroidcamera (my fav cam)
  • A bag to put it all in when I run for the door!
  • Handcream (I´m a handcream junky)
  • Lipcream-thingy 
  • My 50 mm lense (and the camera I used to take this photo)
  • Wallet 
  • iPhone
  • Mac

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