Erica Scime

Name: Erica Scime
Age: 21
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Occupation: Journalism Student, Food Writer

  • White, ceramic soup bowl
  • In the Skin of a Lion, Divisadero and The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje
  • A metal inscent burner, welded by a former boyfriend as a gift
  • My grandma’s dented, tarnished old egg poacher
  • My MacBook Pro
  • A half drank mickey of Wiser’s whisky
  • A fork and spoon
  • My Mom’s old, steel measuring cups and spoons
  • A bottle of red wine
  • iPhone
  • Pencil
  • A notebook made from the Collection Litteraire Lagarde et Michard
  • A leather notebook from my best friend’s travels to Germany
  • My Led Zeppelin shirt, bought on trip to Montreal

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