Michelle Sproule

Name: Michelle Sproule

Age: 40

Location: Vancouver

Occupation: Community Relations & Managing Editor Scout Magazine

Website: www.scoutmagazine.ca


  • my sons (pip and jack) and my husband
  • keys to the vw van (sleeps 4 and will be handy, given that the house is gone)
  • favourite photo (night laundromat)
  • camera (and external hard drive - not shown)
  • journal
  • a quick handful of books
  • debit card
  • iphone
  • rain boots (it is vancouver after all)
  • bottle of wine. alcohol will be key in digesting the loss. 
  • favourite pair of jeans (levi’s 501’s)
  • stones. i like stones. i keep them in specimen jars. they’d mostly be fine, but i’d scoop a few favourites on the way out the door (the really smooth black ones that make you feel clam). 
  • gram’s engagement ring and photo of gram.
  • family photos. so important. 
  • photograph of a room at different times of the day torn from unknown source. i like to think that one day i will discover who the artist is.  

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